Community connections (you determine what is minority in your class. You can use ability, socio-economic, single parents, two family families, parent involvement, religion, community meetings, dominant vs marginalized features of non-dominant group.)
To begin consider investigating, local stores, churches, restaurants, libraries, youth centers, recreation centers and service organizations. Use school resources for ideas like the school social worker/counselor and sometimes Special Education teachers, and ELA teachers.

In addition, pilot students participated in the following activities:

· Running club meeting,
· Fitness Festival,
· Skate City Night,
· Destination Imagination,
· Medicine Horse Session,
· Parent Training Opportunities Denver Metro Area,
· Broomfield days,
· School fundraisers (i.e. Hulstrom Options K-8 School Spirit Night at Chick Fil-A),
· Home visit,
· BASE Program,
· Onam Celebration & Sadya, Kumon,
· PTO/PTA/School Board meeting,
· Local community government meeting,
· ISKCON Denver,
· ESL parent classes,
· Inner Faith and other service/assistance service organizations
· Libraries
· Churches