The final project is meant to be an authentic assessment of students ability to demonstrate reflecting both inward and outward. It can focus on one strand area of be a cumulative review of all of them. It is perfectly acceptable to take the feedback you received from your course instructor and improve your inward and outward reflections and present those. The other component of this task is the multimedia presentation portion of the task. Students are asked to use a web 2.0 application in order to set up such a presentation. Pilot students made websites; used prezi, glogster and impresar; made imovies; used virtual movie making with characters doing a script. Creativity here is valued and encouraged, just don't lose sight of the main purpose of the assignment, to demonstrate your ability to reflect inward and outward.

Below are some samples that pilot students submitted. Because you are not viewing the entirety of the presentation, you cannot always see the inward and outward reflection, but these are good samples of the various ways this assignment was interpreted.

Here are Links to Glogster presentations:

Here is a link to a blog/website (the actual presentation had more of the inward and outward reflection content):

Here is a link to a very powerful voicethread!

Here is a link to a sliderocket:

Here is a link to an empressar:

Here is are links to PREZI:

Here is a link to a VUVOX:
Your instructor will use the form below to provide feedback on your final presentation: